It is a honor to have you visit this page. I'd like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my art work.  I am Cheri Fellinger and I live in the state of Washington. I’ve been told I was born with a more than active imagination and I have been creating art since I was given my first box of crayons. For me the need to create comes in bursts. Over the years I’ve learned that I just can't call creativity forth OR determine how it will be expressed. I shied away from doing custom or commercial art because of it. Painting is an outlet that presents itself when my soul is in need and I truly believe that is the only reason I can create art that touches others.



The subjects of my most current body of work are a family of Japanese Shiba dogs. Inspired by my own dogs these comical and complex canines make wonderful subjects. I enjoyed the easy and fun way the individual caricatures came to life on the canvas. My imagination was entertained while I thought about the everyday events that make up the lives of our pets and how happy and content they are with simple pleasures. I’m sure it’s equal to joy I feel while I'm creating these works and I have to wonder why I deny myself the time to paint so often.

The original paintings in were done on canvas and I produced several versions of each painting. I use bright bold colors straight out of the tube which gives a child like quality to the paintings. Some versions have frame like borders that I embellish with gold accents I hand paint on each of the canvas reproductions. Next I used the computer to edit and to create new designs that could be utilized for marketing. My Café Press shop carries various items with my characters from this series printed on them.  I hope you enjoy this brief introduction of the Shiba Family series of paintings.


If you would like to purchase canvas paintings please email me.  If you would like one of the items in the Cafe Press shop you purchase through them directly.  If you need multiples of an item from the shop or several canvas paintings for a raffle or for dog club awards please contact me directly for the best prices.

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